Diamond Grinding


Diamond Grinding

CGS Textured offer a range of commercial polished concrete services including grinding. We can take on any project, small or large, and work alongside any business including bars and cafes, warehouses, shops and more. We service the greater Christchurch area including Lincoln, Ashburton, Rolleston and Rangiora. Concrete grinding can help achieve different looks, revealing different levels of the stones underneath.

We use the highest quality equipment to ensure the best quality and flawless results. Our grinding services can remove existing coatings, glues, paints, ceramic and more to prepare the surface for coating and polishing. Grinding can even out existing surfaces and blend away any imperfections or repair water damage to concrete slabs. The grinding can expose different levels of stones in the concrete.

A polished concrete surface provides a timeless look and is widely known to be super durable. When used in a commercial environment, it requires little to no maintenance and can have non-slip coating added. When working with your business, we can work to your schedule and requirements. As we grind the concrete we use specialised vacuum equipment to clean the area and prevent mess and dust in the air. We can also pour the concrete slab and also continue with the final steps of the polishing process, too.

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