Residential Grinding


Residential Grinding

CGS Textured Concrete offers a range of polished concrete services including residential grinding. We offer our concrete grinding services to the greater Christchurch area including Ashburton, Rangiora, Rolleston and Lincoln. We take on a range of residential projects including new builds and renovations and believe no job is too big or small. Concrete grinding is the second step in the polished concrete process and is what gives you a different finish.

We use only leading grinding and polishing tools to ensure the highest possible quality. Our grinding service can remove existing coatings, glues, paint, ceramic and more to prepare the surface for coating and polishing. Grinding can even out existing surfaces and blend away any imperfections or repair water damage. The grinding can expose different levels of stones in the concrete. Polished concrete is ideal for benchtops or flooring and provides a timeless look in any kitchen, bathroom or patio.

As we grind the concrete surfaces, we use specialised vacuum equipment to clean the area and prevent mess. Once the grinding is complete, we can move on to the next step of the process. We are also able to pour the concrete if needed, too.

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